Red Table Talk

We keep saying that we are in the 21st century. What does that even mean? Of course we have evolved.

By evolution I mean technological improvements, telecommunication, fashion industry, scientific discoveries just but to the obvious, but if you want to include the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution of man, count me in.

I mean I can only imagine my great great great grandmother sending a message using smoke signals, very interesting! Ooh wait, can you imagine the days when they used to wear animal skin or leaves?

It is not like we ain’t embracing nudity. The irony!

Where I’m I headed with these, you wonder, right? Even with the magnificent and remarkable changes that we have made, some things remain constant.

In some cultures, women still can’t talk back at their men, in the name of “respecting the head of the family”. It becomes a problem when the two lovebirds cannot hold a conversation because the lady has to repress her concerns.

However, since it is the 21st century, women can raise their concerns and be listened to by their counterparts in most cultures.

What hasn’t changed however, is the fact that men can barely express their emotions as effectively as they should.

You be damned if you as a man cried. You be labelled weak if you as a man sought help. In an African set up, seeking psychological help is considered wrong.

I mean, be honest with me, how many here have psychologists or at least consider their mental health just as important as their physical well being?

If you get a cold, you will seek medical help. If you wake up feeling depressed, however, you will brush it off. Why is that?

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as having Paracetamol for you back ache.

Today, we center men in this discussion. Men, are human beings, and they have emotions.

Talking to someone is only as humanely as it can be. Crying is not weak. Toxic masculinity you call it? Mmh!

The point is, you don’t have to cry or talk to someone to deal with your mental and emotional well being.

If hitting the gym helps, then go for it.

Hikes work better for you, then what are you waiting for?

Opting for a hangout with your buddies at the play station works for you, then I’m glad.

Any positive way to deal with your emotions is better than suppressing them.

Emotions make as human beings. Expressing these emotions do not make us weak. Cry if you should. Talk if you must.

Do not hold back.